Gumnut Systems International

With over 1000+ spa clients globally it’s no surprise the GSI can handle your appointment booking requirements with ease. Our powerful appointment scheduling engine can easily handle single treatments, multiple treatments, groups and package bookings with a 3 dimensional approach to ensure you control and maximise your staff, rooms and equipment. Never make a booking mistake again!

What really makes GSI stand out are:

  •  Mobile Apps for Clients and Staff
  • Inventory Management for Retail and Professional Products and Purchase Orders
  • POS
  • Business and Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Staff Management, Performance Analysis and Commisions
  • Internet Bookings and Gift Voucher sales with Online Gift Voucher Redemption
  • Built In Loyalty Management solution
  • Enterprise class promotions management
  • Industry leading marketing capabilities for email, SMS and social media including full Mail Chimp integration

Mobile Apps for Clients and Staff

1- The Digital Treatment Menu App

All information regarding your treatments, services, classes, retail products including photos, description and prices are stored within our your Gumnut Software. This app created a digital version of your printed treatment menu or brochure in a structured format with all your company branding. Should any information change within your Gumnut Software the app will automatically update itself.

An example of the Digital Treatment Menu App with image, price and description

2- The Reception App

This app is designed to be used in your reception area and it displays the list of clients that are booked today. There is also the facility to enter new client information.

An example of the Reception App Client Arrival Listing


3- The Staff App

The Staff apps for smartphone and tablet are used by Therapists or Practitioners taking care of your clients. They can view their appointments for the day and access full client history including client details, treatment and retail purchases, notes and even the saved digital forms from within the document management system.

An example of the Staff App showing Daily Client Listing and Treatment Details

4- The Appointments App

The Appointments App for smartphones is designed for businesses wanting to give their staff visibility of their own bookings but without the ability to access any further detail. Only information displayed on the screen such as appointment time, treatment name, client name with client phone number available as an option, can be accessed.

An example of the Appointments App showing Appointment Details & Class Details

5- The Before & After Image App

This app is for businesses with a requirement to take images of their clients before and after their treatments or course of treatments.

An example of Before and After Image App showing before and after images ready to upload

6- The Stock Take App

Speed through your stock takes with this incredible app. The app downloads the stock list and with the use of a barcode scanner (optional) stock items are counted.

An example of Stock Take App with products and stock quantities

7- The Client App

This smartphone only app can be fully customized for your business. It can have all the capabilities are available for your website, but within an app specifically tailored to your needs. Your customers can download the app and register or sign in as a user.

An example of the screens from the Client App

8- The Boss App

Do you like to keep an eye on your business when you are away from the operation? Are you the owner or manager of multiple sites and not always able to touch base with each site on a daily basis?

Then the Boss App is perfect for you!

An example of some of the Boss App


Request for a Demo, contact:

Mr. Joli Samuel

Business Development Manager

+971 50 1400 642