Dominate RFID

Dominate RFID’s Uniform Tracking Software is a web based application that utilizes RFID technology to monitor and manage Uniform inventory operations. You can use Dominate Uniform Management to automatically track and secure the movement of linen and uniforms. In addition, Dominate Uniform Management allows you to perform quick and easy audits of tagged items. You can also use Dominate Uniform Management to setup up, enter, and maintain item records. You can classify items in to unlimited types and locations and can have any number of user defined properties.

Linen/Uniform Management Problems:

Linen Management Challenges

  • Fraud & Inventory leakage resulting in financial losses
  • Spending lots of time to count thousands of linen by hand
  • Having problem to match the number of soiled and cleaned linen
  • Slow & costly mistakes in receiving, separating & delivery
  • Difficulty meeting Audit requirements & deadlines
  • No Security, Accountability or Validation

Uniform Management Challenges

  • No control against uniform shrinkage and theft
  • Spending lots of time to count thousands of uniform by hand
  • Having problem to track the number of uniforms which handover to personnel
  • Slow & costly mistakes in matching uniforms to personnel
  • Purchasing unnecessary uniforms due difficulty in manual Audit of uniforms every year
  • No Security, Accountability or Validation

Benefits Using Dominate RFID

RFID Linen Tracking Benefits

  • Know exactly what linen you have, how many you have and where they are located.
  • Manage In-house and Outsourced laundry operations with amazing speed and total accuracy.
  • Ensure linens are washed before getting sterilized.
  • Know which stockrooms need to be replenished and exactly what they need to be replenished with.
  • Prevent linen loss and leakage.
  • Control, manage and track wash cycles and number of washes before discarding.
  • Have real-time inventory count information of clean and dirty linens in all locations.

RFID Uniform Tracking Benefits

  • Real-time & accurate uniform inventory system.
  • Make employees accountable for their assigned uniforms.
  • Reduce shrinkage and strengthen security against loss and theft.
  • Monitor the performance and turnaround time of cleaners.
  • Prevent unnecessary uniform purchases.
  • Ensure that all employees have the correct uniforms.
  • Save labor costs in uniform dispensing and collection.

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